Dashboard Navigation Menu

Dashboards is a new beta feature that introduces interactive, visual dashboards that summarize data, product capabilities, and the state of your environment. These dashboards are being released together with an easy way to navigate through the Alert Logic console. For more information about, or to opt into Dashboard beta, see Dashboards Beta.

The Dashboards navigation menu makes it easy to navigate through the Alert Logic console from the Dashboards page, and has access to all of the functionality as the current Alert Logic console.

For more information about the current Alert Logic console, see Get Started with the Alert Logic console.

To start navigating to other pages:

  1. Click the menu icon () to see the navigation menu.
  2. Click on a navigation group (for example, Respond) to expand the options under that group.
  3. Click on a navigation item (for example, Incidents) that you want to explore further.

Dashboard navigation menu items in the current Alert Logic console

Although all of the functionality of the current Alert Logic console is available, there are some differences in the Dashboard navigation menu and the current Alert Logic console.

See the table below for a comparison of the Dashboards navigation menu, and the current organization of the Alert Logic console:

Dashboard Navigation Menu

Location in the current Alert Logic console




Incidents tab


Exposures tab (previously called Remediations)


Health tab


Search: Log Messages tab


Overview tab>Topology

Vulnerability Library

Settings Menu>Vulnerability Library




Reports Guide tab

PCI Scan Disputes

Settings Menu>PCI Scan Disputes




Configuration>Get Started with Alert Logic Deployments
Log Management Configuration>Log Management Policies
Certificate and Keys Configuration>Certificates and Keys
WAF Configuration>Managed WAF Basics
Endpoints Get Started with Alert Logic Extended Endpoint Protection tab
PCI Scanning Configuration>Get Started with Alert Logic PCI Scans
Webhooks Settings Menu>Webhooks


Integrations Settings Menu>Integrations
Users Settings Menu>Customer Accounts, User Accounts, and User Roles
Notifications Settings Menu>Notifications
Service Status Settings Menu>Service Status

Improved functionality

Dashboards will also replace the existing Security Posture and Remediations pages with new and improved functionality.

Security Posture page

The Security Posture page, under the Overview tab, is visible when you first log into the current Alert Logic console. This page is composed of dashboards which will be replaced by Dashboard features. To learn more about the dashboard features replacing the Security Posture page, see About the dashboards.

Remediations page

The Remediations page will be replaced by Exposures. The Exposures page allows you to filter, view, and take action on individual or group exposures, as well as remediations. To learn more about Exposures, see Exposures.