Search: Log Messages

Alert Logic updated the appearance of the Alert Logic console, though all functionality remains. If you chose to use the beta navigation, note that the documentation below describes the current Alert Logic console. For more information about the new navigation, see Dashboard Navigation Menu.

The Alert Logic Log Search feature allows you to create complex queries that can help you refine your log search results to messages most relevant to your investigation. The WHERE and SELECT fields allows you to type a SQL-like query statement using available fields and operators. If needed, you can use subsequent search fields to add OR statements and create a search that tests for multiple conditions. As you type a search statement, a warning icon () appears to the left of the search field until the query contains valid syntax. You cannot submit a search with invalid syntax.

Narrow log search results by date and time range

The date and time range drop-down menu allows you to add a date and time range filter to any log search you create. Select from the following specified date and time ranges:

  • Last hour (default)
  • Last 6 hours
  • Last 12 hours
  • Last 24 hours
  • Last 7 days
  • Last 30 days

You can also click within the calendar to create a custom date and time range.

The Alert Logic console displays time in your local time zone.

Search progress and search cancellation

The Log Message Search feature displays a search progress bar during log searches. You can click CANCEL to stop any search in progress.

More features

For more details about the Log Message Search feature, see: