Analyze Scan Results

You can use scan results to access valuable vulnerability information about your networks, including historical trends and current details. Reviewing the data helps to identify issues you can address to improve your security posture. You can review scan results and their outcomes in reports and the Exposures page in the Alert Logic console.

View scan schedule breakdown reports

Scan schedule breakdown reports are a type of vulnerability report that provide summary, detailed, and variance vulnerability results for specific scan schedules. For more information, see Scan Schedule Breakdown.

View vulnerability reports

Alert Logic generates several reports based on vulnerabilities detected by scans. Vulnerability reports provide valuable summary, breakdown, variance, distribution, and trending data for vulnerabilities discovered across applicable scans in your environment. You can also view a report that lists when assets in your deployments were last scanned for vulnerabilities. For more information, see Vulnerabilities Reports.

View and remediate exposures detected by vulnerability scans

On the Exposures page in the Alert Logic console, you can organize the list by remediations to see the recommended actions you can take to address exposures based on vulnerabilities detected by scans. You can take these actions for the listed remediation:

  • Dispose (suppress the vulnerability from view and from reports for a period of time)
  • Conclude (complete the remediation action)

The recommended remediations also provide details that include the exposures, affected assets, and evidence of the vulnerability. For more information, see Exposures.