PCI Requirement 10.5.1

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Audit reports provide available documentation and compliance artifacts that help you demonstrate compliance with requirements of the PCI DSS.

The PCI Requirement 10.5.1 report provides a list of the current log management users that help you demonstrate compliance with Requirement 10.5.1.

To access the PCI Requirement 10.5.1 report:

  1. In the Alert Logic console, click the menu icon (), and then click Validate.
  2. Click Reports, and then click Compliance.
  3. Under PCI DSS Audit, click VIEW.
  4. Click PCI Requirement 10.5.1.

Filter the report

To refine your findings, you can filter your report by customer account.

Filter the report using drop-down menus

By default, Alert Logic includes (All) filter values in the report.

To add or remove filter values:

  1. Click the drop-down menu in the filter, and then select or clear values.
  2. Click Apply.

Log Management Users

This report provides the list of Alert Logic console users and assigned roles that have access to the centralized audit trail files. You can use the list to verify that only appropriate personnel can access to the centralized audit trail files, and demonstrate that audit trails are limited to those with a job-related need. The list is organized by account name, user email, user name, and role name.

For more information about assigned roles, see Customer Accounts, User Accounts, and User Roles.