The Search experience in the Alert Logic console is intended to allow you to perform basic and advanced searches for different data types. The Search feature is flexible for structuring advanced search queries, and using fields and predefined expressions to help you find and organize messages most relevant to your investigation.

From the Downloads page in Search, you can view and manage the list of searches generated by a search schedule you previously saved and scheduled. For information on how to save and schedule a search, see Saved and Scheduled Searches.

View list of searches generated by a schedule

The Downloads page lists all searches generated by your search schedules. From this page, you can download and manage searches. To access the Downloads page, click the menu icon (), and then click Investigate. Click Search, and then click Downloads.

The list includes all searches in your customer account and its managed accounts. You can narrow the set of searches listed by using the filters in the left navigation.

Filter the search downloads list

The Downloads page lists all searches conducted from search schedules. You can apply filters to narrow the list to a specific set of searches.

To filter the searches downloads list:

  1. In the left navigation, click any of the filters to narrow the list. Available filters vary according to the schedules in your environment and filters you select.
    • DisplayYou can use this filter to display the latest searches only.
    • ScheduleYou can use this filter to display only the searches conducted by a specific schedule.
  2. To search for a filter, type a value in search filters. For example, you can quickly find downloads for a specific schedule by typing part of the schedule name.
  3. To clear filters and start over, delete text from search filters (if applicable) or select CLEAR ALL FILTERS.

Search by date to filter the list

You can use the date range drop-down menu at the top of the downloads list to filter the searches by generation date. Click the menu and then use the calendar to select a date range.

Search the search schedule list

You can use the search bar to find a specific search. Enter the Search Result ID that was emailed to you in the search bar to find that specific search.

Download a search generated by a schedule

In the same line as the search you want to download, click Download. If you select more than one search, the download is a compressed file containing the selected search PDF files.

The CSV file download contains a maximum of 500,000 messages.

Delete search generated by a schedule

Click the icon next to one or more searches you want to delete, and then click the DELETE icon.

If you want to delete all searches currently listed, select the check box at the top of the list to select all entries. On the bar that appears at the bottom of the page, click the DELETE icon.