Manage Connections

The Connections page in the Alert Logic console lists all connections created in your account. You can create and manage connections of all types from this page. Connections created during simple response configuration also appear on the Connections page.

For more information about connections, see Connections. For more information about simple response configuration, see Simple Response Configuration Guide.

Access the Connections page

In the Alert Logic console, click the navigation menu icon (), click Configure, and then click Connections.

Create a connection

Click the add icon (), and then choose the type of connection.

Application requirements vary and often require different information. For instructions on how to configure a specific connection, see the Connections Configuration Guide.

Filter the connections list

You can filter the connections list by connection type.

Connection Type filters

Filters in the Connection Type category include all the choices available when you click the add icon () on the Connections page. The number of connections of that type appears next to the filter name.

To filter the connections list:

  1. In the left navigation, click one or more filters in the Connection Type category to narrow the list. The active filter is in bold format.
  2. To search for a filter, type a filter value in search filters.
  3. To clear filters and start over, click one or more of the active filters to remove them, delete text typed in search filters (if applicable), or click CLEAR ALL FILTERS.

Edit a connection

You can change the details in an existing connection.

To edit a connection:

  1. In the list of connections, find the one you want to edit, and then click the EDIT icon.
  2. Change any of the available settings.
  3. Click UPDATE.

Delete a connection

In the list of connections, find the one you want to delete, and then click the DELETE icon.