Configure the Extended Endpoint Protection Pop-up

When Extended Endpoint Protection blocks an attack, it triggers a pop-up message to alert the endpoint user. If you are an account administrator, you can configure this pop-up to show your company logo and custom text or you can leave it with the Alert Logic branding.

If you do not configure the pop-up message, the default message with Alert Logic branding will appear for endpoint users.

To configure the pop-up message:

  1. In the Alert Logic console, click the Endpoint Protection tab, and then click Notifications.
  2. In the slideout panel, under End-user Popup Configuration, choose an option:
    • Alert Logic default end-user pop-up
    • Configure the end-user popup
  3. If you chose a configure the end-user popup, you can edit the logo, title, and message.
  4. Click SAVE.