About Alert Logic Extended Endpoint Protection

The Extended Endpoint Protection functionality from Alert Logic helps you control threats and manage incidents from employee workstations, points of sale, servers, and more.

Blocks multi-vector attacks

The Alert Logic Rapidvisor agent combines machine learning attribute analysis and dynamic behavior analysis to detect complex attack techniques, including exploits, malicious scripts, and malicious executables. The agent continuously monitors system processes across user-space, the operating system, and the CPU to block malicious techniques. Rapidvisor also uses machine learning to evaluate programs at the moment of execution, instantly blocking malicious programs. All of this protection works locally on the endpoint, so your devices are protected even when offline.

Continuous learning engine

Threats change daily, so Alert Logic constantly trains and tests its protection against thousands of new malware and goodware samples. The machine-learning algorithms are trained with the latest malware, but also on goodware samples that are automatically pulled from the software stack of your organization. These tailored models maximize protection while reducing false positives.

Invisible on the endpoint

Extended Endpoint Protection runs quietly with no icon in the service tray and no noticeable activity unless it stops an active threat. A non-administrator workstation user cannot disable the service.

Service confirmation

You can check the operational status of Extended Endpoint Protection in the Endpoints tab in the Alert Logic console, the Service Status page in the Alert Logic console, or the list of active services in your computer Control Panel or Settings.

Low CPU usage

Extended Endpoint Protection does not perform computationally expensive signature-matching, so the agents typically consumes less than 0.1% of CPU bandwidth while actively protecting your machine. You can confirm this by viewing Control Panel and clicking Services to view CPU consumption.

Simple administration

Extended Endpoint Protection takes less than five minutes to install and can be deployed to all your workstations at once through system management tools. Each new endpoint is automatically visible in the Alert Logic console. Protection can be easily toggled on or off.

Get started

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