Configure IAM Role for Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Alert Logic supports Amazon Web Services (AWS) cross-account roles, which allow you to grant Alert Logic third-party access to your AWS accounts. In the AWS console, you can create multiple IAM roles, which grant different permissions based on the policy document you use to create the role.

Create a cross-account access role

Alert Logic recommends that you configure your deployment with full permissions, which allows Alert Logic to discover your AWS environment and automate the setup of the required AWS services. However, you can choose from the following levels of permissions:

The full permission policy document does not allow Alert Logic to:

  • Retrieve secret keys or credentials from IAM
  • Retrieve data from data stores other than S3
  • Perform these actions from any other AWS account
  • Grant access to the protected account to any other AWS account or user
  • Modify IAM credentials or policies.
If you create a deployment with one level of permissions, and then want to switch to another level of permissions, you can create another IAM role with the appropriate level of permissions (if you do not already have that role configured). Then, click edit on the deployment tile to change your deployment configuration to use the appropriate role.

To create a cross-account access role:

  1. In the AWS Console, click IAM, located under Security, Identity & Compliance.
  2. From the IAM Management Console, click Policies, and then click Create Policy.
  3. Click the JSON tab.
  4. Copy and paste the contents of your policy document into the JSON window.
  5. Click Review policy.
  6. On the Review Policy page, type a Policy Name and Description for the policy.
  7. Click Create policy.
  8. From the IAM Management Console, click Roles, and then click Create role.
  9. On the Create role page, click Another AWS account.
  10. Enter the following information for Alert Logic:
    • Account ID (IAM role creation for CloudTrail and S3 log collection only):
      • 239734009475
    • Account ID (all other IAM role creation scenarios):
      • If you are using the US data center: 733251395267
      • If you are using the EU data center: 857795874556
    • Select Require external ID.
    • External ID—Use your Alert Logic Customer ID.
    • Require MFA—Make sure the option is not selected.
  11. Click Next: Permissions.
  12. Select the policy you created above, and then click Next: Review.
  13. Type a Role Name and Role description, and then click Create Role.
  14. In the list of IAM roles, click the name of the role you created, and then note the Role ARN value, which you will need when you create the AWS credentials in the Alert Logic console.

Update an IAM role

Periodically, Alert Logic updates the policy documents used for the IAM roles required for AWS deployments. These updates, which Alert Logic announces in Alert Logic Console Release Notes, ensure you can successfully create deployments, and they ensure your existing deployments continue to monitor your AWS assets.

You can download the policies in the Alert Logic console.

To update an IAM role:

  1. In the AWS Console, click IAM, located under Security, Identity & Compliance.
  2. From the IAM Management Console, click Roles.
  3. From the list of your roles, click the role you want to update.
  4. Click the policy you want to update.
  5. Click Edit policy.
  6. Click the JSON tab.
  7. Copy the contents of the updated policy document.
  8. Paste the updated policy document into the JSON window to replace the old information.
  9. Click Review policy.
  10. Click Save changes.

Perform this procedure for every IAM role you need to update.