Alert Logic Maintenance Windows

Alert Logic uses maintenance windows to bring new features and fixes to your scope of protection. Within these maintenance windows, Alert Logic updates appliance software and makes product changes.

Changes are scrutinized via Change Management protocols, and maintenance windows are only used when there are changes to be released.

Product updates require no customer action or intervention, unless explicitly communicated, well in advance of the change window.

To get the latest on recent Alert Logic changes, hover over the Release Notes tab at the top of this page. For example, here is the Alert Logic Console Release Notes page. Alert Logic uses these to inform you of new features and updates to existing services.

Standard change window

Alert Logic performs standard changes through a standard change window. Standard changes are defined as those with a lower risk profile and no expected interruption to service. Completion times for updates may vary based on data size.

The standard change window falls within the following hours:

  • US: Monday – Friday, 8 PM – 3 AM (Central Time)
  • UK: Monday – Friday, 9 PM – 4 AM (UTC)

Emergency change window

Alert Logic notifies you when emergency changes are required. Alert Logic works to complete emergency changes as quickly as possible, and with the least interruption to your service.

Major Change Window

Alert Logic implements major changes, which are those with a higher risk profile, during a major change window.

This window is during the following hours:

  • US: Saturday 8 PM – Sunday 3 AM (Central Time)
  • UK: Saturday 9 PM – Sunday 4 AM (UTC)

Because some major changes can cause service interruptions, Alert Logic will communicate these to you in advance of the change window. Please see the Alert Logic External Status Page to track maintenance updates.

Tip: Click Subscribe To Updates at the top of the Status Page to be notified when Alert Logic is performing maintenance.

Security Content Update Window

Alert Logic updates security content and signatures on the following weekly schedule:

  • IDS Signatures: Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, from 9 AM – 9 PM (UTC)
  • Scanning: Daily, starting at 5 AM (UTC)
  • Analytics Engine: Daily deployments through constant delivery of content
  • Log Parsers: Daily deployments through constant delivery of content