Playbook Task Configuration Guide (Beta)

This document is intended for early-access customers, and it is updated as Automated Response features are enhanced.

Playbook tasks support common security activities such as blocking attackers and disabling user accounts.

The following table lists all playbook tasks with an available configuration guide. For instructions on how to configure the input for a specific task, click a link in the Task column. For information about adding a task to your playbook and configuration steps that are common to all tasks, see Add a Task to a Playbook (Beta).

Vendor Task Description
Microsoft Disable Azure AD User Disable a user in Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD).
Microsoft Enable Azure AD User Enable a user in Azure AD.
Microsoft Send Incident to Microsoft Teams Send incident details to Microsoft Teams via a connector.
Slack Send Incident to Slack Send incident details to Slack via a connector.
Slack Send Message to Slack Send a message to a Slack channel via a connection target.