Manage Scans and Scan Results

Alert Logic performs scans on all assets in your deployments. When you create a new deployment, Alert Logic automatically creates default scan schedules, which vary according to deployment type, to perform agent-based, internal network, and external network vulnerability scans on all non-excluded assets and ports. Alert Logic also creates a default discovery scan schedule to find new assets in Data Center deployments. You can schedule when to perform specific scans for all or selected assets and ports.

For more information about scans, see:

  • About Alert Logic Scans—Defines Alert Logic scan types, recommends best practices for vulnerability scans, and lists originating IP addresses for scans.
  • Manage Vulnerability Scan Schedules—Explains default vulnerability scan schedules and how to create and manage scan schedules, stop a scan in progress, and exclude assets and ports from vulnerability scanning.
  • Manage Discovery Scan Schedules—Applies to Data Center deployments only. Explains the default discovery scan schedule and how to create and manage discovery scan schedules and stop a scan in progress.
  • Adjust Scan Settings—Explains how to manage credentials, adjust scan performance, and use Scan Now to perform an immediate scan on an asset.
  • Analyze Scan Results—Explains how to analyze scan results by viewing vulnerability reports and by viewing exposures, along with remediations for the exposures, that Alert Logic generates for detected vulnerabilities.
  • Alert Logic Scanning Technical Description—Explains host discovery and each segment of the scanning process. It provides other important details about handling of complex passwords, scanning depth, handling of backported patches, vulnerabilities detected by the scanning system, and the vulnerability and exposure library that Alert Logic uses.

If this is your first time accessing scans, see Get Started with Alert Logic Scans to learn the basics.