Alert Logic notifications alert you to threats, changes, and scheduled events in your environment so you can respond quickly. From the Alert Logic console, you can subscribe to:

  • Alert-based notificationsSecurity incident and log correlation notifications, for example, that alert you to potential threats
  • Scheduled action notificationsNotifications for the completion of a scheduled activity, such as the generation of a compliance report

When configuring your alert-based notifications, you can specify the criteria you want to focus on, such as threat levels in the high and critical categories.

You can create and subscribe to notifications for your account and the accounts you manage. Users with Administrator, Owner, or Power User roles can subscribe others to receive notifications and manage notifications created by other users in your account. For more information about user roles, see Customer Accounts, User Accounts, and User Roles.

Alert Logic supports your automation workflows. You can configure notifications to send alerts by email and to a third-party application. Notifications to a third-party application require a templated connection.

Notification types

You can configure several types of notifications:

Notification creation

One way to create a notification is directly from the Notifications page. You can create notifications from other pages according to notification type:

  • For incidents, you can also create a notification from the Incidents page. For more information, see Incident Notifications.
  • For observations, you can also create a notification from the Search page (Log Search tab or Correlations tab) during the process of creating the correlation or by editing an existing correlation listed on the Correlations tab. For more information, see Correlations and Notifications and Observation Notifications.
  • For health exposures, you can also create a notification from the Health page. For more information, see Health Notifications.
  • For scheduled reports, you can also schedule the report and subscribe notification recipients from the Reports page. For more information, see Scheduled Reports and Notifications.

Notifications management

Notifications in your account and the accounts you manage appear on the Notifications page, available from the Manage group on the navigation menu. The Notifications page provides a centralized place for you to view, create, and manage notifications of all types.

For more information about the Notifications page and notifications management, see Manage Notifications.