Requirements for the Alert Logic Agent

The following table describes the basic requirements to install the agent:

Processors supported by the agent:

  • Intel
  • ARM

Operating systems supported by the agent:

  • For Windows users:
    • Windows Server 2003, SP1
    • Windows Server 2008
    • Windows Server 2012
    • Windows Server 2016
    • Windows Server 2019
    • Windows Server 2022
    • Windows Vista
    • Windows 7
    • Windows 8
    • Windows XP SP1
    • Windows 10
  • For Linux users:
    • Debian (.deb)
      • 5.x (lenny)
      • 6.x (squeeze)
      • 7.x (wheezy)
      • 8.x (jessie)
      • 9.x (stretch)
      • 10.x (buster)
    • Ubuntu (.deb)
      • 10.x
      • 12.x
      • 14.x
      • 16.x
      • 18.x
      • 20.x
    • CentOS (.rpm)
      • 5.x
      • 6.x
      • 7.x
      • 8.0
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux (.rpm)
      • 5.x
      • 6.x
      • 7.x
      • 8.x
    • SUSE
      • 12.1
      • 12.0
      • 11.4
      • 11.3
      • 15.0
    • Amazon Linux
    • Amazon Linux 2
      • Amazon Linux 2022
      • Amazon Linux 2023
Amazon Linux 2022 is based on the latest version of Fedora, which means that a syslog daemon is not installed by default. In order to collect logs from this operating system, users will be required to update the etc/systemd/journald.conf file and uncomment the line of "ForwardToSyslog=yes". Then install and configure a syslog daemon.

The following table describes other basic requirements to install the agent:

Components System requirements
Memory 96 MB of available memory
Disk space for agent 30 MB of available disk space
Disk space for local cache 500 MB of available disk space
Packet access WinPcap 4.1.2
CPU Utilization 1-10% depending on log volume
RAM 15 MB minimum
Disk space 30 MB minimum
Log collection support Windows, Flat File
Supported environments Agent-only deployments with virtual and physical appliances, VPC, and Public Clouds
Encryption TLS Standard (SSL): 2048-bit key encryption, 256-bit AES bulk encryption
Log collection frequency At minimum, every five minutes logs are collected and sent to Alert Logic Cloud
Host permissions LocalSystem account has all the necessary permissions by default

The agent requires DNS access to communicate with the Alert Logic server.

To learn how to install the Alert Logic agent for Windows or Linux, see Install the Alert Logic Agent for Windows or Install the Alert Logic Agent for Linux. To learn how to install the agent in a virtual container environment, see Install the Alert Logic Agent Container.