Alma Linux Update for Azure Legacy Customers

CentOS has announced the end of life for their version 6 and 8 operating systems. This means CentOS will no longer provide security patches, vulnerabilities, or bug fixes for these operating systems. As a result, Alert Logic is helping customers update all Alert Logic appliances running on out-of-date operating systems.

Update your appliance to Alma Linux using the documentation below.

As we transition all customers to Alma Linux, Alert Logic will continue to maintain necessary security updates for virtual CentOS versions 6 and 8 for a limited period, to ensure all customers remain secure. This support is valid until the following dates depending on the appliance type:

  • Virtual IDS to January 31, 2023
  • Virtual Log Manager to June 30, 2023

How to update for legacy customers with Azure deployments

You must install and claim a new appliance, ensure that agents are configured to connect to the new appliance, and then terminate the old appliance.

  1. Install a new appliance for every appliance you have in each VNET: Deploy IDS appliances

  2. After the new appliance(s) are installed and claimed, verify that the appliance has been added to its VNET assignment policy:

    1. In the Alert Logic console, click CONFIGURATION, and then click Network IDS.
    2. In the left navigation area, click Policies.
    3. Click Assignment.
    4. Click the assignment policy associated with the VNET.
    5. Under Appliances, check that the instance ID of the new appliance is listed.
  3. After the assignment policy has the new appliance, you can terminate the old appliance and remove it from the assignment policy. The agents will automatically shift over to the new appliance(s). To learn how to manage assignment policies, see the Delete an assignment policy section.

  4. After the old appliance is terminated, verify the agent is sending data to the new appliance. To verify in the Alert Logic console:

    1. Click the Configuration tab.
    2. Click All Deployments.
    3. Click Networks and Protected Hosts, and then click the Protected Hosts tab.
    4. Click on the agent to see more details.

    Statistics are updated every 15 minutes in the Alert Logic console.

  5. After you have confirmed the new appliance is running, the assignment policy has the new appliance and the old appliance is terminated, you can submit a ticket to Alert Logic Technical Support with the ID of the old appliance for them to decommission.

How to update other products

If you do not have legacy or Azure deployments, refer to the links below for specific instructions depending on your subscription and services: