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Schedule multiple scans at different intervals and duration windows, stop in-progress scans, and adjust scan intensity within the Alert Logic user console to optimize your scan performance. Leverage existing scan scope selections to perform on-demand scans for more immediate verification of your remediation efforts. New vulnerability reports are available that provide detailed asset-centric lists of your current vulnerabilities, and the variance of resolved and new vulnerabilities for a given day, week or month.

With Enhanced Scan Scheduling, you can:

  • Schedule multiple scans at different intervals and duration windows to meet the demands of your business
  • Quickly understand the risk of new assets as they come online
  • Investigate vulnerabilities by day and discover what changed between two points in time

Documentation resources

Manage Vulnerability Scan Schedules

Adjust Scan Settings

Analyze Scan Results

Vulnerability reports

Current Vulnerable Hosts Breakdown

Current Vulnerabilities Breakdown

Daily Vulnerability Variance

Weekly Vulnerability Variance

Monthly Vulnerability Variance

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