Upgrade to Managed Detection and Response

The Alert Logic console provides a universal navigation experience for all Alert Logic customers, regardless of your product subscriptions.

The Alert Logic console shows only the tabs and pages appropriate to your product subscription. This topic describes all possible tabs and pages, but specifies the subscriptions that generate the tabs and pages. For more information about subscriptions Alert Logic offers, see Get Started with Alert Logic Subscriptions and Add-ons.


Prior to your upgrade, you must perform the following deployment and agent updates:

How to find features in the new console

Legacy Functionality Name New Functionality
Collection Alerts Notifications
Log Review Cases Monthly Log Review Report, and Incidents
Reports Reports Guide
Host Groups and Zones Topology
Scan Schedules Manage scan schedules
Log Manager Saved View Create Saved and Scheduled Log Searches
Summary and Dashboards Available as Security Posture Dashboard, Reports Guide, and Risk , and the new Dashboards.
Webhooks Support for Webhooks

Deprecated or unsupported functionality

Alert Logic has removed functionality or removed support for functionality of the following:

  • For Threat Manager customers
    • Browse Devices
    • Legacy Threat Manager appliances
    • Assignment policies
    • Event alerts
    • Monitoring policies
  • For Log Manager customers
    • Legacy Log Search
    • Log Collection Schedule policies
For Log Manager customers, this upgrade involves only collection and scan configuration migration, and does not include scan schedule migration.

Upgrade details

The upgrade provides feature parity for scan frequency and simple scan scheduling. Upgrades affect:

  • Collection capability
  • Scanning capability
  • Scan scheduling

To learn more about upgrade details of scanning capabilities and scheduling, see Upgraded Scan Functionality.